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This is an ideal service for most people who will take care of their own travel arrangements but need assistance with arranging meetings with the ladies. Our staff will use all available methods to contact the ladies and follow up to confirm so that your meeting is a success.
If you are visiting one of the former Soviet countries or even would like to meet a lady in some other country we can arrange the meeting for you.

To have the best chance of success, it is important to plan (and let us know) as far ahead as possible, choose as many ladies as you wish, the more the better, as some may not be able to meet with you on your chosen dates. You only pay for the ladies that you meet, you do not need to purchase her contact information.

If the girl does not live in a city you are visiting it is still possible for you to meet with her. Depending on the situation, and how far away she lives, you will have to reimburse her for her travel, accommodation and other related expenses.

Our charge for this service is $30.00 for each meeting we arrange. If you do not meet the lady you are not charged, provided you did not cancel the meeting. Some ladies may want to know more about you before they agree to meet with you, this will require extra work for us and therefore extra cost to you, which is charged at a nominal fee.

We accept major credit cards (Visa, Master card, American Express & Discover), Western Union, Moneygram, checks and cash for this service.

To arrange a meeting with the ladies, please complete the form below:

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