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Dear Larisa,

Hi!! It was really very nice to hear from you! Thank you very much!! Of course, you can use our wedding picture for your catalogue. It would be nice for us both to know that many people can see our wedding picture.:) I like America, North Dakota! People are very friendly here. At the present time there is snow here everywhere. I like the snow, it reminds me of Russia. By the way I have got two Russian girlfriends here in the USA. I have met them in Moscow. We call to each other on the phone almost every weekend. Thank you very much again!! You really do good work.

Kindly yours,

Olga and Dan

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I wish my man to treat me like a person with her feelings and interests. I was brought up in the family of highly intellectual parents. I am quite a multifaceted person, I have a diploma of musical school on the class of piano. I was a soloist in the chorus and I went in for classic dancing for 12 years. I am also into tourist and extreme kinds of sports. When I studied at school and the University I went often hiking, skiing and canoe. I also went in for mountaineering and got a high level of experience in it. I also like to shoot and parachuting. I am a very creative person and possess the skills of an organizer. I am sensitive, romantic and I appreciate stability and feelings. The man who captures my fancy will be the happiest man in the world!

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